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    Dragonscale Armor is the light armor counterpart to the Dragonplate Armor, both of which are part of the Dragon crafting group of Smithing. Unlike the heavy armor plate variant, which is second to Daedra Armor, Dragonscale is the strongest possible light armor you can potentially craft in the game, making the Dragon group of crafting items worth far more to the light armor wearers than those looking to specialize in heavy. Like its companion, this armor set takes the bone and scale ingredients found from slaying Skyrim's many Dragons, turning them into relatively valuable pieces of skyrim dragon light armor, however unfortunately offering nothing in the way of weapons to craft, thus still giving a value to the Daedric crafting group since it's weapons are the most powerful craft-able ones in the game. The Dragon Scale ingredient is used to upgrade all pieces of this armor set at a Workbench to increase their overall protection and value, requiring a single scale for each piece upgraded in this manner. Protip: Like it's companion heavy armor, the Dragonscale pieces have little in the way of profit to be made, with the margin being low at best and considerably more items made at a loss than other sets.
    In recent years, e-sports has been developing at a very fast pace. The e-sports betting market is also keeping pace with it. More and more ordinary gamers are retraining as bettors, as many are interested not only in the process of participating in the game, but also in the process of observing other players. At the same time, players also want to earn money on this for betting on esports cyberbet. Since e-sports is not fully accustomed to the betting market, most bookmakers cautiously give a line to it. Market ratios are artificially underestimated, which is why the margin is awesome. Even playing “zero” is very difficult to play on such odds, not to mention making a profit on bets. Nevertheless, there are loopholes in the offices that can be successfully applied in eSports betting. When analyzing e-sports, pay attention to the following aspects: 1. Underestimation of outsiders and loss of motivation among the favorites Esportsmen have a very busy schedule of performances. Often teams play in several different tournaments within one day. With such a schedule, it is very difficult to maintain concentration and correctly distribute it to each of a series of games. In addition, players are also subject to fatigue, like any other athletes. Players willy-nilly should choose tournaments priority for themselves, to spend on them the main forces and emotions. Smaller tournaments are seen by them as a way to support gaming practice. During the break between major tournaments, strong teams can participate in regional competitions. Bookmakers usually consider them unconditional favorites, but leaders at such tournaments often test new game tactics, which are not always successful.

    Since 2007 I'm a professional Visual Designer. Advanced in creating modern and responsive web user interfaces. Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite and Open Source Inkscape, always familiar with most up-to-date web and mobile technologies. Sensitive and with in-depth understanding of client's intentions.
    Lead Visual Designer at F
    arin Innovations, Inc. 
    Marketing Visual Designer at Ten Square Games.


    I care about the work, the product, the innovation, the final output. This is my passion.
    Do You need someone who is truly involved? Hire me.